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What makes a good teacher? B1 students speak their mind

We all had teachers who changed our lives!
We all remember them fondly!
What makes a good teacher? Here, is our amazing B1, answering the question and sharing their advice on what makes a good teacher!



The teacher that changed my life – Amalia. K

Mustafa Kamal Ataturk once said “A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others.
That reminds me of the teacher I had in 6th grade, who used to explain the lesson in a very special way, sometimes by making some jokes about it, other times by explaining it to us in a more simple way but still making us learn it correctly. He would always answer our questions and sometimes with thought – provoking questions to think about, and find the answers ourselves. He was always there for us when we needed him, he was always patient with us and never shouted at us.

A good teacher should definitely be like him – I don’t mean every teacher has to change their teaching style. I mean that his method of teaching kids is not just a way of learning but also it made me and my classmates have the best year in primary school before going to middle school. So in my opinion a good teacher should be funny and patient with the kids, maybe show some videos so they can understand the lesson better and not shout at them.

Teachers create minds to think, hands to create and hearts to love.


The best teacher I had – Katerina. P

Once, someone said “a teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart”. I totally agree with this quote because of my 6th grade teacher. He is a teacher that when I was really sad talked to me and comforted me! After that, I understood what a good teacher is. His lessons were interesting because he didn’t use to teach us in only one way, he used to show us videos, tell stories and while we were taking a test he even let us listen to music and also we had conversation-time as a class.

I think a good teacher must be a little strict for our own good. Also they must be funny, calm, respectful and as students we must respect them too. They must use different methods to teach us because it is more useful for the kids.


Have you ever had a teacher that changed the way you view the world? Well, I certainly had.
Gregory. P

My 6th grade teacher was amazing. He was funny, kind and a good problem solver. But, the best part was that his history lesson was amazing and in simple terms. He also taught us a lot about how the world works, he was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

I wish all the teachers were nicer. Some of the teachers I know are nice but there are sadly bad ones too. I think that my ideal teacher would be the best. I like strict teachers but I hate impatient teachers and teachers that yell. I would make  teachers funny and kind to students and other teachers too. And I would also make the teacher exciting and load them with patience. That’s my ideal teacher!


What is a good teacher? Demmy. M

There are all kinds of teachers – teachers who are strict, others quite funny and others just boring. In my opinion everyone in this life had a teacher who made a small change in their lives. My life was changed by a teacher named Mr Demetris. He was my 6th grade teacher. He was an amazing teacher. He taught me more about life, he had the same name as me and in a few words he taught us very important things. He was funny and kind with my class.

I think teachers should be a little like Mr Demetris. In my opinion a teacher must respect students even if they are noisy sometimes. Also it doesn’t hurt if teachers are a little funny sometimes. On the contrary learning will be much nicer. Teachers are not perfect because nobody’s perfect. So, when a teacher is a little strict it’s not that terrible. The job a teacher must do is very hard and students must behave well. Teachers sometimes are tired 24/7 so it’s not bad to be strict. A good teacher is not a person who doesn’t give a lot of homework but the person who respects students and tries to make their lesson nicer.

The perfect teacher – Rafael. T

The perfect teacher that I had over my life is a teacher that I have now at my school. He teaches us religious education. He is the best teacher because he’s funny he doesn’t punish us when we don’t pay attention at his lesson, and he alway smiles. The things that make the teachers perfect in my opinion are those:
1. they must have a sense of humour
2. they must teach us in a different way to understand the lesson better
3. they must be good with students
4. they must understand students
5. they must explain the lesson as many times it takes to be understood by the students.

All these things are what makes a teacher better.

A teacher who changed my life – Sophie. K

My Pagration  teacher is an important person in my life. He doesn’t only teach me martial arts but, when I’m sad he talks to me and he helps me. He also makes me laugh and have fun. He makes every lesson a great one. He really loves all the children and he wants us to be happy and I’m really pleased he is my teacher.

In my opinion a good teacher knows how to make his lesson interesting and funny but at the same time difficult and not tiring. A good teacher is also patient and he can wait and he can give a lot of advice to his students and  most importantly he’s always caring. He can listen to them and help find a solution for their problems. A nice teacher is polite and fearless. Three years ago I didn’t believe there is a perfect teacher anywhere but I met my  martial-arts teacher who is the best teacher I’ve ever had.


written by: B1 Level,  class 1
teacher: Ms Evi
The students drew inspiration for their articles  from the topic “Education” discussed in class this week.

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